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I've been scouring Hulu for interesting sci fi and fantasy shows. I'm watching Alphas as episodes become available. I'm still trying to decide what I think Gary; I can't decide if the writers are using his autism as comedic relief, which would be really Not Cool, or are trying to accurately portray the problems that can come with his condition while still respecting that he's more than his disability. I don't really like shows that try to pretend their superpowers (or whatever) are scientific when they very clearly aren't, which Alphas does. It's a little odd, since I quite like Sanctuary. I think that the difference is that Sanctuary doesn't really try to convince you that its abnormals are scientifically plausible; it just creates a world full or fantastic creatures and people and then has characters attempt to use science to better understand them. Whereas Alphas, especially with its opening sequence, pushes the "these things could actually happen" idea much harder. Which they aren't.

Also, holy shit, Dr. Rosen, you are the most unethical therapist ever. And that includes the therapist who was simultaneously treating me and my father and mentioned confidential information from his sessions to me.

I'm also watching The Nine Lives of Chloe King, which is clearly targeted at a teen audience and based on a YA novel but is cute and fun. I don't really like Alek's "first I will be an asshole and then I will be very pushy in my flirtation with a girls who's interested in someone else and has made that clear", but I am more okay with teenagers being stupid and obnoxious than adults because they might not have learned better. (But less okay if the show decides to portray this as an okay behavior, which I can't say for certain yet.) Also, I am more okay with that sort of thing from people who are part cat, because that is totally the sort of thing a cat would do.

I read The Tempest the other day. There are some cultural issues that I don't feel like commenting on since actual scholars have probably said it much, much better than I ever could, but overall I enjoyed it. I've found that ignoring the footnotes helps my enjoyment.
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I went back and poked at a silly crack!fic Fairy Tail/Kingdom Hearts crossover earlier today... and now it doesn't want to be crack!fic anymore. I ended up rewriting it completely from about halfway through, and now it's trying to turn into the first chapter of a longer story. Which, hey, might be fun to write. IDK. Anyway, I need to rewatch all the cutscenes involving Kairi because she's trying to talk to Erza while the boys are off being idiots, and I don't have as good a grasp on her character. Also, I need a better idea of the plot.

I was pondering the Last Order-Accelerator dynamic earlier today, trying to decide what it is about them that interests me, and noticed a pattern. Cut for rambling about character types and my head; also if you haven't seen/read <I>To Aru Majutsu no Index</I>, <I>Dresden Files</I>, or <I>Black Cat</I>, there may be spoilers )


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