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In the interest of (a) guilting myself into working on this more than once a month and, (b) not completely forgetting it for the zombie AU thing or [community profile] kh_100, I'm posting the first part of this fic.

Wordcount: 2126
Rating: PG because Axel likes swearing
Characters: Axel, Roxas, Luxord, Diz, Demyx, Saix
Summary: Faced with the loss of his two best friends, Axel makes a plan.

Why did Axel have to pick two completely oblivious, suicidal twits to befriend? )
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I went back and poked at a silly crack!fic Fairy Tail/Kingdom Hearts crossover earlier today... and now it doesn't want to be crack!fic anymore. I ended up rewriting it completely from about halfway through, and now it's trying to turn into the first chapter of a longer story. Which, hey, might be fun to write. IDK. Anyway, I need to rewatch all the cutscenes involving Kairi because she's trying to talk to Erza while the boys are off being idiots, and I don't have as good a grasp on her character. Also, I need a better idea of the plot.

I was pondering the Last Order-Accelerator dynamic earlier today, trying to decide what it is about them that interests me, and noticed a pattern. Cut for rambling about character types and my head; also if you haven't seen/read <I>To Aru Majutsu no Index</I>, <I>Dresden Files</I>, or <I>Black Cat</I>, there may be spoilers )


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